Virtual Museum of the Microbial World

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Welcome to the AL Museum website.
This site shows the microorganisms in nature, through a microscope connected to a video recorder.
We hope that you feel as if you are watching various microorganisms in person.

Protozoa, algae, bacteria, fungi and various other small organisms are living in nature.
We have recorded their behavior on video.
Our sampling sites are as follows: Hirose River near Otamaya-Bashi, and a paddy field in the of Tohoku University Experimental Station, in Kashimadai, Sendai Miyagi.

Prof. Yuji Tsukii from Hosei University has contributed greatly to our project by identifying and providing useful commentaries about each organism. We gratefully appreciate his help.

Although various tiny organisms coexist with us on our planet, we cannot see most of them with the naked eye.
The aim of AL Museum is to invite everyone to have a look into this microbial world.
Please take a while to observe their movement, resting and eating behaviors, and imagine how they actively interact with each other.

Staffs of AL Museum
Tsutomu Hattori(representative)
Reiko Hattori (recording, commentary and English translation)
Makoto Hattori(recording, music and computer technology)