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Dancing Euglena in front of Strobilibidium

A Strobilibidium with its strawberry-like shape creates a whirlpool through the motion of its mouth cilia. Surrounding organisms cannot resist the vortex and are pulled into the mouth of Strobilibidium and transferred inside. Even a large Euglena is drawn in by the whirlpool and has trouble escaping. It appears to dance in the turbulent water near Strobilibidium's mouth.

Commentary by Prof. Yuji Tsukii, Hosei University
This organism is either Strombidium or Strobilidium, which are similar to each other.

In the case of Strobilidium the adoral zone has continuous membranelles, while Strombidium does not have continuous membranelles and both ends of its membranelles extend backward.

We must be able to clearly observe the adoral zone of membranelles in order to distinguish between the two organisms.

Sampling Date : 03 July 2009

Sampling Site : Hirose River B  Google Map

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