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Is this ciliate going to divide?

After being collected from a paddy field, the sample was put on DNB agar plate (diluted nutrient broth with agar) with a drop of distilled water for 4 days, and then observed. This large ciliate is moving around within a small area. As the center of the body is slightly narrow, this organism might be preparing to divide.

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Commentary by Prof. Yuji Tsukii, Hosei University
This ciliate belongs to order Stichotrichida.

A variety of ciliates are included in this group. To identify them to the species level, it is necessary to stain the cirri by a special technique and to observe the number and arrangement of the cirri.

The cell in this video may be in the process of division, because it appears there are two sets of a peristome connected to a cytostome (mouth): one is located at the front of the cell, and the other is in the middle, just behind where the cell is slightly narrow. This narrow middle part will gradually pinch together and finally divide into two daughter cells.

Sampling Date : 22 September 2006

Sampling Site : KASHIMADAI paddy field  Google Map

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