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A green flagellate with two flagella

After being collected from a paddy field, the sample was put on 1% agar plate with a drop of distilled water and kept for a few days.

A green flagellate with a shell is actively moving around. But when it stands still, we notice its rough surface. After a while, it swings its two flagella and rotates its whole body as it leaves our view.

Commentary by Prof. Yuji Tsukii, Hosei University
This organism may belong to genus Lobomonas.

The video shows a chloroplast and a red eyespot (called a stigma) in the cell. A flattened but slightly wavy shell covers the cell, which is a feature of Lobomonas. In the second half of this video, the organism is rotating its whole body as it moves forward. The shape is similar to images in the latter part of the following image files:

Sampling Date : 16 October 2006

Sampling Site : KASHIMADAI paddy field  Google Map

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