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2006Botanical Garden in Aobayama IV

Soils from the L, H, and A layers were sampled from the Tohoku University Botanical Garden in Sendai. This is a video of an organism taken from the L layer on the soil surface, where there are freshly fallen leaves in their original shape and other organic debris. At first organisms could not be found in the newly collected soil, so the samples (including water) were left for one month and then observed.

Commentary by Prof. Yuji Tsukii, Hosei University
This organism is a type of amoeba called Vannella miroides. Its flexible shape allows it to maneuver through obstacles.

Thirty seconds into the video, the amoeba briefly captures a flagellate, but fortunately it manages to escape. This flagellate is Goniomonas truncata.

Sampling Date : 06 December 2006

Sampling Site : Tohoku University Botanical Garden in Aobayama  Google Map

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